Dear The Buggles

Re: Video Killed The Radio Star

As someone who did indeed listen to "the wireless back in '52" and is now the proud owner of a full Comet Home Entertainment System, I must say that I find your “futurist smash” somewhat perplexing.

”Video”, as I am sure you are aware, originates from the Latin "videre"; it means, of course, “I see”, or “I am seeing”.  A person’s sight, however, cannot itself cause a fatality, regardless of whether or not the victim is an aural broadcasting personality.


I am aware that your use of the word “video” may refer to a “Video Recorder” or a cartridge inserted into said device in order to reproduce taped imagery upon a television screen. While this interpretation is perhaps more likely, I still fail to see how such an item could cause the death of a “disc jockey”. However, I did once witness “Diddy” David Hamilton drop a Betamax copy of “Footloose” onto his toes at the Portsmouth branch of “Our Price” sometime in the mid-1980s, resulting in some discomfort for the diminutive mid-morning presenter. Incidentally, he did not exclaim ‘Oh-a-a-a oh’ but merely cursed mildly. (Perhaps the incident would have been more painful for a taller “D.J.”, for example Peter Powell, or Ed “Stewpot” Stewart.)

I wish to make one further point. In your excellent “telephone voice”, you express concern that “in my mind and in my car, we can’t rewind, we’ve gone too far”. With regard to motoring, may I suggest that you safely execute a three-point turn, before retracing the final section of your car journey. Concerning your difficulty with your “tape recorder”, a useful tip may be to turn the cassette over and utilise the “fast forward” feature. I fail to understand how these two operations are related.

Your clarification with regard to the above disparities is eagerly awaited; I enclose an A4 pad and pre-paid envelope for this purpose.

Yours sincerely

Wilf Turnbull

P.S. My wife Olive has politely hinted that you may wish to book an appointment with Dexter’s Opticians in Southbourne Grove. Not only is the initial consultation and prescription check free of charge, but Adrian, the proprietor, has a wide selection of trendy frames (apparently the “Timmy Mallett look” is now rather passe).

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