Dear Mr. Essex

Re: Gonna Make You A Star

I write with some urgency concerning the above offer.

As you are aware, I am responsible for the Christmas decorations at the East Dorset Senior Citizens” Association (EDSCA). This year, I have acquired sufficient supplies of tinsel, baubles and ornaments for our rather realistic “Nordic Pine Effect” tree; however, I deliberately did not purchase a “Star” for its top, in light of the promise you had made. We had been expecting a home-made effort from you by now, perhaps fashioned from papier-mache or foil-covered cardboard.

I appreciate that the Post Office is extremely busy at this time of year, and that you may be otherwise engaged as a “Cockney Gypsy” in a pantomime production or some such activity. However, I need hardly point out the considerable disappointment of the residents should their tree be inadequately festooned. In addition, the Christmas message would be deeply distorted should the item fail to appear punctually. I sincerely hope, Mr Essex, that you have not decided to renege on your kind offer.

I await your prompt response.

Yours sincerely

Wilf Turnbull


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