Dear Editor

Despite the unseasonably inclement weather, I decided to take some fresh air along the clifftop on Thursday, and found the conditions not unpleasant.


However, my enjoyment was suddenly shattered by the sight of two dogs engaged in a lewd act. My disgust was exacerbated by a group of teenagers, who appeared to find the vile tableau most amusing. Consider the embarrassment which would have been caused had younger children been present! Needless to say I altered the route of my walk.


I do not for a minute suggest that dogs should not mate and reproduce; many people find that they provide comfort, empathy and companionship. Such activities should, of course, take place in private (kennels or secluded gardens perhaps).


I, and undoubtedly many others, do not wish to witness canine copulation in this once beautiful area, and would urge the council to ban such activity in public places.


Wilf Turnbull

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