Dear Editor

I wonder if any of your other readers have noticed a very disturbing sartorial trend which has recently been adopted by the young of Bournemouth town centre, which needs to be eradicated immediately.

On a recent trip I beheld a sour-faced youth some yards ahead, ‘strutting’ through the pedestrianised area with his waistband half-way down his posterior, in the fashion of one preparing to imminently go to the toilet.

So slack were his breeches that with every cock-sure stride I half-expected them to take leave of his nether regions completely and leave him as naked as the day he was born from the naval down


Call me a 'fuddy duddy' but in my day it was the fashion to try on one’s potential garments prior to, and not after, purchase.

Perhaps with today’s decline in education standards it is only to be expected that our most recent offspring should be not so mathematically qualified as to understand the metric sizing system designed to eradicate the travesty that myself and my wife Jean so harrowingly witnessed today.

Yours faithfully

Derek Philpott

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