Dear Editor

How many of your readers, I wonder, have been startled by joggers looming rapidly towards them from behind?

Recently, my early evening walk was affected in this way, and I have since been considering the nature of such activity.

When I was young, my pals, siblings and I walked healthy distances to and from school.

On our return there was always plenty of honest, physical work available.

Therefore the idea of donning a leotard and running ostentatiously around the local area would have seemed preposterous.

I accept that in the modern age, many people have sedentary occupations and wish to enjoy the benefits of exercise while avoiding the expense of gym membership.

However, it seems reasonable to request that these amateur athletes minimise their inevitable panting when approaching pedestrians from the rear.

Failing this, perhaps a small bell should be carried or worn in order to alert those of a gentler gait.


Wilf Turnbull



Reply from Reader published on Bournemouth Echo website:

"Just hook your zimmer frame onto their waistband as they pass then Wilf and take a ride!"

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