Dear Editor

I wonder if any of your readers have noticed a very disturbing trend inherent within today’s schoolchildren which will have to be curbed before it is too late?

Three times in as many months have found me jolting to an emergency stop at a green traffic light thanks to a swaggering youngster and his friends ignoring the universally accepted symbol for ‘Go’ and walking directly in front of me in the road, sometimes while texting or talking on their mobile telephones.

What is more, it is hard to decipher whether they are oblivious to my course or simply (to use their current parlance) ‘dissing’ me.

I cannot decide which is worse.

The most recent incident was such a close shave that I was thrown forward in my seat and ricocheted back by my seat-belt, causing my cap to fall off and my spectacles to be only held on by one arm.

When I wound down my windows to berate the youth posse I fell foul of a volley of V-signs and a stream of expletives, in what appeared to be Jamaican accents for my trouble.

This was particularly confusing given that all of the errant scamps appeared to be middle class Caucasians.


Wilf Turnbull

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