Dear Editor

I would like to mention a few motoring misdemeanours, which should be “kerbed” promptly.

Firstly, the Highway Code clearly states that hazard warning lights should only be used to warn other motorists of a breakdown if causing an obstruction. The offender, when informed, is not entitled to spew forth fluent Anglo-Saxon when alerted to the situation on his return from a convenience store.

On a recent trip, I made a slight error, and fell victim of a torrent of vigorous, vitriolic vulgarisms, and even a suggestion that I ought to have attended a certain optical outlet.

Able-bodied people who park in disabled bays should be ashamed of themselves. However, I would like to propose a secondary level of spaces, to assist the “Hard of Walking”. I suggest the new areas are marked out not with the wheelchair symbol, but a crouching matchstick figure holding its back in discomfort.

I could certainly continue; for instance, I also deplore motorists attempting “Txting” (which I have deliberately misspelled) while at the wheel.

Unfortunately, it seems that every time I try to enjoy a car journey, I become sadly more convinced that manners and common sense on the road are all but extinct.

Yours faithfully

Wilf Turnbull

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