Dear Editor

I wonder how many of your readers have noticed the growing levels of impatience and aggression among motorists these days.

As an example, I drove from my home in Southbourne to see an elderly friend in Highcliffe last week and was “bibbed” no fewer than five times during the short journey.

My crime? Remaining within the speed limit of 30 miles per hour, which, let us remind ourselves, is the maximum (not the minimum or recommended) legal allowance in built-up areas.

In addition, the Highway Code clearly states that the purpose of the horn is to warn fellow motorists in extreme situations, and should never be used as a rebuke, which I have no doubt was the intention on each occasion.

Such intolerance by law-breakers towards those of us who merely wish to drive safely is extremely disappointing.

I believe this lack of courtesy to be symptomatic of the growing social malaise in this country.


Wilf Turnbull




Reply from reader on Bouremouth Echo website

"Mr Turnbull, if you see all this impatience & aggression in your rear-view mirror, what does that tell you? Speed up, you dusty old ****"


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