Dear Chicory Tip

Re: Son Of My Father

Despite the undoubted catchiness of your “moog” led hit, I feel compelled to write concerning certain disparities that have arisen whilst listening carefully to the lyrics.

I think one can safely assume that your father is not a hermaphrodite; if this were true I am sure that this would have been in the News or at least come up as a question at some point in the “Pot Pourri” round at the peerless Sunday Night Quiz at the “Commodore” public house, Southbourne. Furthermore, although the method of your entrance upon this mortal existence appears a little unorthodox in that you were apparently delivered not naked and innocent but “moulded, folded and pre-form packed”, I am quite confident after several “plays” that you are singing allegorically and that the prose represents contemplation of your father's dictatorial influence upon your formative years.

In order to remove any ambiguity for future listeners, I would highly recommend that the relevant section is precluded from the work and that a more apt, and accurate, title would be “Son of My Father and Mother” (without the italics, obviously), or just 'Me'.

I trust that the revisions are now in hand


Wilf Turnbull

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