Dear Cliff Richard

Re: Wired For Sound 

I have just encountered your excellent “hit single”, and its complementary “video”, and felt compelled to write, in order to make the following points.

I too am fond of melodic soundtracks, and often find myself “walking around with a head full of music", as you so aptly put it, courtesy of my battery operated cassette re-player and 'ear-phones'.

However, I am not a professional musician; it is perhaps surprising that your interest in the matter appears comparatively recent. One would imagine that “pop stars” and their like are by definition interested in music.

In your second verse, you state that unless a lady’s musical tastes coincide with your own, a romantic attachment should not take place. Your stance appears to be rather inflexible, and I would suggest that you are perhaps limiting your horizons in this respect. For example, may I point out that my wife Olive has certain preferences which I do not necessarily share (she for example 'is into' Chris Rea, whom I myself find to be unkempt both in his lyrical delivery and facial grooming); we are nevertheless perfectly happy.

Finally, you are clearly adept at roller skating, and your skill is perhaps to be admired. However, travelling at speed around a shopping centre, while listening to a “Walkman”, is highly irresponsible, and cannot be condoned.

In spite of the above points, your music is indeed “dynamite”, and it is to be hoped that you keep my observations in mind when composing your future material.


Wilf Turnbull

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