Dear Rural Joe and your marine friend

I found your Woodstock protest song on YouTube whilst searching for Snoopy cartoons to show my neighbour's grand daughter.

Whilst agreeing with most of the sentiments therein, one must take issue with one point. My wife Jean and I are huge admirers of CSI Miami, and note that most cadavers end up in giant tightly zipped versions of our old school pencil cases. I do have time therefore to wonder why some poor parents would be the first ones in their block to have their boy come home in a box.

If however you are referring a son returning home in a soap box racer after a rally, then you are to be excused, although, as Jean has just ironically pointed out from the kitchen, these vehicles are, much like controversial Southeast Asian conflicts, potential death traps.



Dear Mr Philpott,


As the bass player for Country Joe & The Fish (that's bass guitar, not bass the fish) who appeared on the recording of "Feel Like I'm Fixin' to Die Rag" I can answer your query.


Body bags weren't invented until 1973 so he had to come home in a box. No one, until now, has seen that the song, while superficially about the Vietnam War, as a metaphor for Joe's trauma inducing youth as a Go-Kart racer.


Well done!


Bruce Barthol

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