Dear Cypress Hill

Re: Insane In The Membrane 


I am utterly astonished by the above assessment. A “membrane” is, of course, a thin covering of tissue which connects or covers animal or plant cells. Therefore, I fail to see how cognitive malfunctions can possibly occur in these areas.

Perhaps you partially redeem yourselves by then changing your diagnosis to “Insane in the Brain”. However, this is hopelessly tautological, akin to a “Fractured Femur in the Leg”, “Chicken Pox on the Skin”, or “Tonsillitis in the Tonsils”.

Undoubtedly, the brain contains various membranes; moreover, the word “membrane” contains a misleading-sounding syllable. Sadly, the two nouns are etymologically unrelated, and I would suggest that you all pay far more attention in your next “Biology” class.

I hope my comments have been helpful, and wish you every success in your future career.


Wilf Turnbull

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