Dear Dodgy

I too enjoy "staying out for the summer" but am not quite so enthused about "playing games in the rain", preferring when it is overcast or drizzly to resort to dry lounge or conservatory-hosted tournaments of Hungry Hippo, Pictionary or Jenga.

As enjoyable as a prolonged exposure to the warmest season is however, I never "stay in the light" unless fully protected by tanning lotion; "drenched in heat" is not "where I long to be". You are however correct in your assertion that I "don’t have to suffer" providing that the appropriate shield has been applied. Being olive-skinned and employing Von Luschan's chromatic scale for dermatological classification I tend to use no less than a factor 15 Piz Buin deterrent, and thus far have experienced no ill-effects.
Judging from the front cover of your ‘The Collection’ album and assuming that you are all on the lower end of the afore-mentioned pigmentation gauge, you would not endure radiation induced irritation or worse if duplicating my preventative selection. I am afraid therefore that I have no alternative but to strongly suggest that that one of your hits be re-titled “If It’s Good Enough For Me, It May Be Sufficient To Your Own Requirements Subject To Exposure And Tolerance To Potentially Harmful UV Rays”.


I look forward to reading reports of the adjustment in favourable reviews pertaining to your forthcoming 'UK Tour'.

Yours sincerely



Derek Philpott

Hey Derek,

Much appreciate your explanation of the lyrics to Good Enough, they've been baffling the band for 18 years now.

Sadly though, you are wrong about it being about suntan lotion. As we make clear, there's always two sides and you don't have to suffer. A mutual friend tells us that a young relative of yours who didn't have a record player insisted on bringing round to yours a vinyl copy of the last Kanye West album to play on your radiogram. If the account is to be believed, you got halfway through track 2, bunged the kid twenty quid to cover the damages, then ripped it off the turntable and smashed it to bits.

So, if that's good enough for you it's good enough for us.


Keep it up


Math and Dodgy x

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