Dear Anonymous Angler Fischer Z

Re: The Worker (Replies from the esteemed John Watts are bold in both type and sentiment)


Given that, by the very employment of the definitive article as opposed to ''A Worker'' this poor chappie is taking on the inbox of the entire British labour force, the hated journey on the train and indeed sleep for five stops in a row are completely understandable.


This may have been excusable in the 20th Century. Now it would mean sleeping upright because lack of seating or on the sticky floor next to a button operated lavatory; slumber prevention of the highest order due to underfoot vulnerability and the obvious effluvial challenge.


Furthermore, that the put-upon exclusive employee's near-vintage Ford fastback sports car did not sail through its annual vehicle safety and exhaust emissions compliance check is not so much chronological frittery as a clear demonstration of negligence on his part, no doubt bought on by job-related fatigue.


Fords of that era were famous for having powerful engines that lasted for ever and bodywork with a lifetime rust guarantee.


To have bought a '69 Capri which failed the M.O.T. is not ''a waste of time'' - it is proof that a hefty reduction in purchase price has not been factored in and negotiated by the monopolistic menial to reflect the lower class faux luxury coupe's unroadworthiness at the point of procurement, and, by extension, is indicative of the onliest toiler's current unreliability in making shrewd executive decisions within a white or blue collar environment.


At this time in the late 70’s MOT’s could readily be bought or exchanged for a crate of beer or one’s sister, consequently it may not have been so shrewd to subject said motor to this humiliating procedure in the first place when it could well have been bypassed.


We look forward to news pertaining to at least a proportion of the unfortunate solitary national operative's to do list being delegated to others on the United Kingdom's payroll, and do not mind if a reply is sent second class and second best.


I’m presuming you the undersigned are indeed real persons and not Svetlana from St Petersburg who keeps insisting on sending me unhygienic photographs of herself and her husky dog Igor in front of that naked picture of Putin on a horse.




Derek Philpott (and Son)






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