Dear Flowered Up,

Re: ''Take it from me. I see what you don't see. I don't come down''

I fully understand your impartation, my flora raising chums, and have no reason to question your sincerity. It should be plainly apparent to anyone with even the remotest grasp of scale, altitude and perspective that the panorama to be enjoyed by one situated at a site of elevation is highly likely to be more extensive than that viewed at a lower vantage point. It remains unclear at the time of writing however just what you want me to relieve you of, or ''take from you'', and how this may be achieved when allowing for gravitational aspects and vertical distance between us

''It's On'' a purely personal note that I must also express concern at your staunch refusal to descend, even for a 'comfort break' or a snack, and my wife Jean was wondering if there was anyway that you could be presented with one of her homemade brownies and a bucket by the Fire Brigade, or possibly Bono, whom we understand to have climbed the highest mountain and therefore must be up to the errand on humanitarian grounds.


As regards your assertion that we will all be singing your tune, the less said the better, Flowered Up; you obviously have never heard me on the karaoke, which is enough to give anyone ''Philpott Phobia''!





Derek Philpott




Reply from Tim Dorney, received 14/2/2015


Dear Derek,

As one of the surviving ex members of the beat combo known as Flowered Up I feel it falls to me to reply to your correspondence as the perpetrator of the aforementioned lyric is no longer of this shire, or for that matter this planet.

It's not strange you


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