Dear Genesis

Re: Supper's Ready

Although your commitment to exercise is to be commended, you may be pleased to learn that at any time that you would prefer not walking across the sitting room to turn the television off, the excellent 'remote control facility' is now available.

Furthermore, as regards your assertion that six saintly shrouded men move across the lawn slowly and the seventh walks in front with a cross held high in hand, it should surely be obvious that the reference to half a dozen facially obscured pious dawdlers in addition to one more veiled righteous foot dragger renders the reference to six languid dawdlers to be inaccurate to the power of minus one.

Also, were I ever personally to witness a beatific and above-neck camouflaged row (possibly to evade CCTV capture) sauntering just past my decking without prior permission to entering my nether grounds, I would not be concerned by the prepation of my evening meal. I would be dialling not '666' but '999'!

As an aside, one wonders whether the sound of motor cars fading into the night time gives us a clue as to how the hooded devout trespassers came to be traipsing on your grass n the first place. It is strongly recommended that you review your home security arrangements as soon as possible

I Bid You Good Day!


Derek Philpott


Reply from Steve Hackett, received 7/4/2015

Dear Derek,

I'm happy for you to add me to your list.

Yes, the Supper's Ready lyric does retain a certain flavour of its time. We're all couch potatoes on remote these days... But we still have to get up to make that cup of tea.

Very best,

Steve Hackett

P.S. (After initial exchange, relating to my Kickstarter campaign and re-produced with the kind permission of Mr. Hackett)


Hi Del, Just one question. I assume you are not campaigning for UKIP?






Reply from Derek:-


This coming from the man with the Klu Klux Klan in his back garden




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