Dear Gerry Out Of Gerry And The Pacemakers


Re: Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying


Please allow me to be frank with reference to your solar snivelling espial tip-off.


Although "I like it'', I am somewhat befuddled as to how an imperfect plasma ball some 93,000,000 miles from Earth could either detect or be offended by a rejected courter's lachrymose state, or indeed, mete out repercussions. I fail to see how ionised molecules could at all be disadvantaged by a spurned sobber, and, indeed, given that its emanations encompass capacious vistas, one may be inclined to question how said beams could be maliciously streamlined to avenge just one repudiated bawler.


In summary, one could be therefore forgiven for asking, not only why, but how do you do it?


I look forward to hearing from you with your valued response and in the meantime wish you and your electrical impulse heart regulating chums the best of luck in your future pop careers




Derek Philpott


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