Dear Haysi Fantayzee

Re: John Wayne Is Big Leggy

Although a cursory “surf” of the Internet Movie Database clearly reveals the subject of your work to have been 6' 4" before he died, there is no reference whatsoever to his lower limbs being disproportionate to the rest of his body. The premise of the piece is therefore groundless. Please bear this in mind before “penning” any more cod-rockabilly “tunes” pertaining to the abnormal biological structures of mid-20th Century Western film actors. May I also suggest that clarity would be better served by eliminating toddler-speak from your future titles.


Wilf Turnbull



Reply from Kate Garner from Haysi Fantayzee received 5/12/2013



Thanks for the advice Wilf. Under yr tutelage I've written this new song.

Wilf Turnbill music school/

A girl can learn a lot from u/


Like what to do and what not to/


And how a


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