Dear Peter Noone from Herman's Hermits

Re: No Milk Today

It is imperative that you anchorites really do keep your strength up. By cancelling your order you are doing your metabolism no good at all, Sir. Suspecting that you are now having to skip a healthy cereal, something tells me this you will be ''into something less good'', such as a cholesterol raising 'fry-up'.

I am curious as to whether your refusal extended to all dairy products, in which case 'No Milk, Cheese, Yoghurt, Cream, Butter, Curd or Whey Today" would have been a more truthful, if less likely, 1967 UK No. 7.


Derek Philpott


Dear Derek

Thank you for your letter which was delivered by the postman today, as I don't mind how much post I get.

I am afraid you have misunderstood. My love, at least first thing in the morning, is tea, and as I'd run out of Tetley bags and couldn't get down to the shops for a bit I thought I'd save a few pence and skip a day, settling for a black coffee and some Marmite on toast instead. I don't mind fry-ups now and again, and have nothing against friars either - you have to remember, I once sang I'm Henry the 8th I am I am.. but I didn't mean it



Peter Noone



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