Dear Landscape

Whilst fancying myself as quite the ''Computer Person'' these days, I did get confused this evening attempting to order a home delivery Pepperoni Plus with Breaded Mozzarella Sticks online from Pizza Go Go, and ended up instead upon your German-born theoretical physicist-spurning ''jazz synth chart topper''.

The only mathematical equation that has alarmed me of late, Landscape, was ''80p per 20 minutes subject to a 100 pounds penalty on expiry'' in a municipal car park whilst shopping in London. Ironically, although I would not go quite as far as stating that ''they’re all corrupt, they’re all depraved'', one feels these faceless operators’ ethics to be "Highly Suspicious" at best. Furthermore, given that their appeal procedures seem to operate within a law unto themselves, ''we must pay'', and ''I am the judge for the judgement day''seem particularly apt, and I also hear that ''there'll be no warning no alarm'' of onés unpaid fine being passed to a debt-collection agency.

If you will forgive me, therefore, and given that I fail to see how the theorum can disadvantage me either financially or physically, I will opt at this time not to be overly-cautious on the basis that Albert said that E equals M C squared.

I do however fully concur that ''things aren't right in the outside'' but despite your admirable sentiments, considering that ''Many's The Time'' this has been attempted by others without durable success, somehow doubt that ''You'll put things right''.





Derek Philpott

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