Dear Mr. King of Level 42,

Are you absolutely sure, Sir, pertaining to what children say, children say?


In my recent experiences both on the top deck of the 114 and tagging along with friends and their own delightful offspring on a trip to Devon, I must confess to hearing very little chit chat in reference to them opening their minds as one and being disappointed as one more day slips away, nor to being strong for the friends they've known, and what have you. Key repeated phrases were actually,

''Are we nearly there yet Daddy?.. I have to do number ones''
''But why CAN'T we stay up 'til ten on a school night, everyone else does, I hate you so much''
''That's sooo random''
''Respeck, Mon''
''I's gonna hang wiv ma gangstas''
''Hashtag loving my life'', and
''Awks! Whatevs!''

One must therefore request that on this occasion you do not keep to yourself what you might share with others

I remain,


Derek Philpott


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