Dear Mr. Harket
My deepest apologies for my disastrous attempt at greeting you in Norwegian. I can assure you that I am not constipated; indeed I am as regular as clockwork, as my wife will testify. Rest assured that Mr Knutsack, the self-styled “translator”, is now an ex-acquaintance.
I write with some concern regarding your excellent "follow-up" single, entitled "The Sun Always Shines on TV". Despite its lilting, yet uplifting, Nordic charm, I can assure you, Morten, that such a belief is erroneous.
While watching "The Bill" recently I could not help noticing that the dramatic portrayal was of the night, or at least late evening, due to the dark hue of the sky. I checked my appliance for electrical and other faults; however, none was apparent, and to my horror the subsequent programme "Britain's Wildest Weather" also contained scenes of unambiguous non-sunshine. Since that night, I estimate that approximately 76% of terrestrial TV output has been under inclement or dusky skies, not including quiz shows, for example, which are often filmed inside studios (as far as I am aware).
I confess that I am not familiar with the contents of Norwegian TV; however, I feel that an exclusive diet of sunshine would imply a high saturation of imported programming, and present a distorted picture of the West Scandinavian climate.
I trust that Mags and Pal are well and wish the excellent A-Ha every future success.


Wilf Turnbull

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