Dear Mr. Harket

Re: Take On Me

Jeg har forstoppelse!
Much as I admire your recent above-named work Mr Harket I feel I must upbraid you on two rather serious points:
1. English grammar is rather a tricky tiger to tame for many of you "foreign johnnies"; however, your repeated attempts to address your difficulties regarding word order are commended. Please allow me to enlighten you. "Take on" is a transitive phrasal verb, which enables a pronoun to separate the verb and particle. Therefore, "take me on" is acceptable, while "take on me" is sadly not. "Take Morten on", and "Take on Morten", would both pass muster, although of course you would be writing about yourself in the third person, which would be inappropriate for unrelated reasons. Unfortunately, one cannot help feeling that your plea for employment is negatively affected by this grammatical weakness.
2. If, on the other hand, you are assuming an alternative meaning (to challenge, poss. aggressively), your tone during the chorus appears confrontational or even hostile. I initially took offence at this Harket; however, on second hearing, I became aware that such threats are rarely carried out in an increasingly falsetto, tuneful manner, and I concluded that your intentions were indeed to procure employment. May I suggest that you clearly state the position for which you are applying, and remind you that the usual channel of communication in the UK is by post or email. A recent CV is also essential under normal conditions. As evidenced in your excellent “video”, your unusual ability to switch between two and three dimensions has been noted.
I wish you, and the impressive A-Ha, the best of luck.


Wilf Turnbull

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