Dear Mr. Le Bon

Re: Hungry Like The Wolf

I am writing concerning your successful "hit" which I believe is admired by many.
I am primarily concerned with your rather selective grasp of basic biological facts. Hunger is in fact a physiological impulse experienced, perhaps, by all members of the animal kingdom i.e. not exclusively by wolves (Lupus lupus). While admittedly difficult to quantify, it can be assumed that other cognitively advanced species share this feeling or instinct. In fact I myself am considering the consumption of a few mixed nuts at present. In addition, your own rotund presence in the highly acclaimed "video" unfortunately serves to undermine your fine lyrics, which presumably represent a plea for sustenance. 
May I suggest "Peckish Like the Panda" as an equally fatuous "song title" for your inevitable "follow-up"? 

Incidentally, and please forgive my intrusion Simon, my friend Phyllis (widowed) has enquired whether you are romantically attached at present. She looks forward to your prompt response.


Wilf Turnbull


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