Dear Mr. Priest

Are you really sure that you are only 'Living After Midnight'? In the unlikely event that you are indeed able to resurrect yourself once every 24 hours at no earlier 12am I would recommend that you avail yourself to a neurological research faciity as soon as possible and avoid undertakers' premises within daylight hours, unless of course your capabilities arise as a result of 'Breaking The Law'.


On an unrelated matter, In your 'metal classic', "Exciter" you state that everything he touches fries into a crisp. I was just wondering (other than the Golden Wonder Baked Varieties) what happens if he actually touches a crisp?


Bye bye for now



Derek Philpott




Dear Mr. Philpott

You have to believe me that the life of a rock star is mainly being comatose in a bus bunk bed for most of the day, then some extremely annoying tour manager will holler in your ear ''Hotel!''

Then it starts! Grab your suitcase, up to the room, shit, shower and shave, off to sound check, then interviews, get changed, on stage, get off, in shower. Then guess what? It’s Midnight! First beer doesn’t touch the sides; neither do the next 4 or 5. Time to check out the girls back stage; invite her to the bus, now it's Jack Daniels, back to the hotel, it’s time to get it on, shit it's 6 and haven’t had a wink yet, bus is leaving at 8, Oh well might as well have one for the road, say goodbye without kissing! Back on the bus, now that’s ” living after Midnight”

As for the “Exciter” it’s really quite obvious you get crispier crisps of course, Durrrrrrrr!!!!



KK Downing

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