Dear Mr. Williams

Re: I'm Loving Angels Instead

Well done that man! I completely concur with your view, young Roberto. My wife, Olive, and I have always far preferred the hard-hitting gritty 70's TV trainee nurse series to the watered-down medical fiction efforts that followed in its wake, and can fully see why you share our preference. With its gritty no-holds-barred tackling of contemporary taboos such as under-age condoms, alcoholism and government under-funding, the programme really was breaking new ground; in my opinion, this template for medical drama was far superior to the current crop which includes “Casualty” and “Holby City”.

We have managed to procure a VHS cassette of seasons 1-3 from a popular online auction site and would be delighted if you and Mrs. Williams, if there is one yet, would join us for a few nostalgic evenings, enjoying once again the comings and goings at St. Angela's in Battersea. Perhaps a sensible format would be three back-to-back episodes spread over five consecutive Tuesdays, with a Question and Answer session afterwards. Refreshments will be themed to the viewing material and include “tonic” water, “anti-septic” cream tea, “T.C.” Peanuts, and, of course, angel cakes, all served by our own Sister Olive. We are well aware of your reputation for extrovert behaviour but have to advise you that the soirees would be low-key affairs; therefore, if at any time you are unable to resist the urge to dress as “007” or a sequinned and catsuited clown, or indeed remove your skin, we would be grateful if you would ask us to press “pause”, then excuse yourself from the lounge area and indulge your flamboyant instincts in the conservatory, being sure to firmly secure the patio door. Once the extravagance is out of your system, you are then welcome to rejoin us, whereupon we will resume from where we left off.
Early evenings in midweek are good for us due to angling and embroidery commitments of a weekend, but we are not inflexible. If you want to “let us entertain you” please contact us; if not, we will not be offended as we start watching the episodes without you. However, you will not be given another chance to share in our “hospital”-ity when you realise what you are missing out on. One might say that it could be just what the doctor ordered!

I await your prompt response.


Wilf Turnbull

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