Dear Mr. Lowe,

Unless you are referring to the soundtrack of Ms. O’Connor’s gritty ‘new wave’ film, I fear that to love the sound of breaking glass regardless of the circumstances surrounding the shattering is, shall we say, a little ‘fractured’.


If, for example, the ''noises of destruction'' arise as a result of a forced entry by the fire brigade into a blazing room in which you are ensconsed, or, arguably, somebody dropping a tray of drinks in a pub (obviously accompanied by the now traditional collective chorus of ''Wa-Hey!''), then, arguably, the ''sound of its condition'' could elicit a positive or jocular reaction.


If, on the other hand, hazardous shards are ''flying all around'' resultant of an intruder trying to gain access to your kitchen or your secured vehicle being broken into ''deep into the night'' on your driveway, one doubts that you would find the situation to be joyous, or indeed be ''safe at last''; any attempt to apprehend the thief or, heaven forbid, thieves could lead to a perilous confrontation ''especially when you are lonely''.

One sincerely hopes that you are not ’shattered’ by my observations, Mr. Lowe and look forward to your response unless you have had (oh oh) a change of mind.


Derek Philpott


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