Dear Mr. Parissi

Re: Play that funky music


Although we are pleased to learn of your career change from a boogie singer to one who now has the funk, we are very concerned with regard to your confession pertaining to setting light to temporary stages on the expiry of your performances.


Burning down one night stands is unacceptable under any circumstances, and we feel strongly that your new musical direction could well lead to a menacing alliance with The Tramps whose Disco Inferno tendancies have already been made abundantly clear via the medium of the pop charts.


We fear that 'everything around you (yeah)' could be at risk and we would be grateful if you would decide quickly on a different means of dismantling your stages, which would be better (so much better).





Derek and Dave Philpott



Dear Mr. and Mr. Philpott

Thank you for letter. I thought it was time ''I turned around and shouted'' but ''just then it hit me''. I decided quickly - yes I did. ''I’ll come and take you higher'' into the real meaning.

''How could you be so foolish??''

Burning down one night stands was in reference to our being able to get audiences (mostly full house) to demand encores when it was 2 a.m. and we were finished, to continue. ‘’We never had no problems’’

I was going through a time ''feelin’ so low'', trying to figure how



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