Dear Mr Schneider

It has come to my attention via VH1 that you are at this moment ''heading out'' to a decidedly debauched cabin, the very existence of which contravenes Atlanta's rigid anti-solicitation laws.


It is feared, Sir, (the sleazy lodge's actual whereabouts being directly flagged up from a distance of 15 miles courtesy of a discoloured pointer at the side of the road), that it will not be very difficult for it to be found by the anti-vice policemen prior to its inevitable raid. Your 'juke box money' will then sadly be construed as funds intended to purchase an engagement in unsavoury activities.

It is therefore recommended that if you absolutely must venture to this floozy hovel, that you restrict yourself to enduring other attendees' Wurlitzer selections.

I remain


Yours Sincerely



D. Philpott



"I ain't solicitatin'; I'm socialatizin' ''. So there!


Fred Schneider




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