Dear Ms. Wilde,

Re: Kids in America

With regard to the ponderings contained within your jaunty offering, which Jean and I considerably enjoy, I am pleased to be able to shed light on some, but not all, of said conundrums set out within the work.

You refer to wondering why you are seated unaccompanied whilst surveying fast moving traffic through the vantage point of a tarnished dormer.


It is, if you will pardon the pun, 'clearly' apparent that the dirty old window that you allude to has not been washed for some time, perhaps due to neglect on the part of yourself, the landlord/owner of the property and/or a slovenly outside contractor, and the cars in the city go rushing by owing to you possibly viewing a main road leading to a metropolis used by heavy traffic exceeding the speed limit in a bid to hurriedly reach the drivers' respective destinations. Also, the volume of vehicular activity will obviously be far greater if you observe an arterial thoroughfare and the rapid movement of automobiles at a time synonymous with peak hour commuting, i.e. a Friday night when everyone's moving, or between the hours of 8-9.30 on a weekday morning. It is to be posited that you are bereft of companionship as a result of some of the other Kids in America perhaps popping out to eat a cheeseburger and 'fries' or embarking on a trip to Walmart for 'groceries'.

I hope that the above will be of assistance and satisfy your musings.

Whilst writing please allow me to state that I am most impressed by your powers of meteorological precognition. Whether they be born of clairvoyance and/or an advanced knowledge of anomalous Atlantic tidal patterns, vis-a-vis an impending hitherto unreferenced tsunami affecting the most densely populated city in the 'Land of the Free' through to the most inland point of The Beach Boys home State, Jean and I are anxious to learn of the new wave from New York to East California's approximate date. This is in order that our impending 'vacation' to The Grand Canyon may be timed to avoid the catastrophic deluge which, although marring our panoramic view, may ironically cause any accidental fall into the National Monument to be slightly safer for any hapless tourists. Please do not 'keep us hanging on' in the impartation of this information, as we intend to book our flights imminently.

Best regards,

Derek Philpott


Reply from Kim Wilde 12/5/2015


Dear Derek

Thank you sincerely for your letter. I am so glad that yourself and Jean enjoy the song; I like to think we’re all “Kids” at heart, and not just “Kids” in America.

Given your almost encyclopedic knowledge of all things ‘Pop’ I’m sure the fact that

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