Dear New Musik

Re: Living By Numbers

How apposite and indeed apt your words are New Musik. Let me explain.

Last Thursday I decided to replace my ageing Westclox alarm clock, which, although previously dependable, had been losing time “alarmingly” for approximately three weeks. The model I selected to replace it was a modern “digital clock radio” with a “snooze button”, LCD and many other snazzy features. I am sure that you are aware of such electrical products; therefore I will not trouble you by describing how I carried out a basic safety check and read the manual thoroughly before “plugging it in” that evening.

At 6:45 on Friday morning I was awoken by the above song, and found the coincidence striking and rather droll. While not actually “living” by numbers, I was certainly woken up numerically!

I look forward eagerly to your future artistic output, as I sincerely feel that your “musik” (sic) provides valuable insight into the challenging issues facing contemporary society.


Wilf Turnbull

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