Dear Nu Shooz

I found your 'freestyle favourite' whilst shopping for a fresh pair of Hush Puppies on Amazon today.

As for your request that I tell you what is on my mind because you can't wait till I call you on the telephone, it was actually whether I should have boiled eggs with toasty soldiers or a bowl of corn flakes for breakfast and most definitely did not warrant dialling out on the Nokia.

As for the general overly-familiar tone of your catchy U.S. number 3 I must remind you that I am happily married.


Derek Philpott


Dear Derek

Thank you for telling us 'what is on your mind.' The choice of what to eat for breakfast is an important one, affecting not only your personal health and well being, but by extension that of the entire world. I refer here to the 'Butterfly Effect,' to wit; if a butterfly flaps its wings in one part of the world, it affects the weather on the entire planet. Therefore, your choice of cereal is more crucial than you probably realize.

Actually, I'm not sure I buy any of that.

Anyway, posing the question "Tell me what is on your mind," was just an excuse to tell you what is on MY mind; [the traditional 'Bait and Switch.']

Here's a sample- in no particular order.
1.) Does your chewing gum lose its flavor on the bedpost overnight?
2.) How is the existence of the Easter Bunny even possible?
3.) Why are there three non-functional buttons on the sleeve of my jacket?
4.) What IS that small furry animal on Donald Trump's head?
5.) Is Outer Space as boring as it looks?
6.) Regular...or crispy?
7.) Paper...or plastic?
8.) Cash or credit?
9.) Who DID put the 'bomp' in the 'bomp-dee-bomp-dee-bomp?'
10.) and WHY is there an extra 'D' in Wednesday?

So, there you have it. Again, thanks for the opportunity for this engrossing repartee. It's not every morning one gets to fling deep thoughts across the pond. Usually I'm just trying to make important decisions like 'poached, fried, or scrambled.'


J. Smith/ NuShooz

P.S. I'm afraid you're out-of-luck on those Hush Puppies. The factory, (somewhere in Ohio) closed down 20 years ago.



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