Dear Ottowan

Re: D.I.S.C.O


I congratulate you, Ottowan, on your composition, which my wife and I enjoy immensely. Your vocal delivery is truly joyful, and the melody so undeniably catchy, that it genuinely moves us.

I regret that I should raise the following matter, and would hate to be thought pedantic; however, the rudimentary acronym in the song title requires examination. The female to whom you refer may well be equipped with the attributes and qualities you bestow on her, and I am not for a second questioning your judgement; but surely the phrases “such a cutie” and “sweet as candy” both begin with an “s”, and not a “c”. She would then need to be renamed “D.I.S.S.O”, at least for the duration of the offending verses.


Moreover, many people would regard “oh, oh, oh” as “not really a word”, necessitating a further alteration in nomenclature; the lady would now, of course, be known as “D.I.S.S.” This, I am sure you will agree, rather mars the effect you attempt to create. I am sure, Ottowan, that I do not need to “spell it out”!


I hope the above has been helpful and look forward eagerly to your future efforts.




Wilf Turnbull


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