Dear Owen Paul,

I hope you will forgive me stating that that is rather a backhanded compliment, not to say confusing in that to the best of my knowledge we have never met.


My favourite waste of time in the 80s was standing on the terraces at Brentford, and in the 90s, watching England in the Euros, but I would never have told either squad that. No matter how high up in the pecking order of time being frittered away, the mere fact that hours or minutes spent in another’s company may be construed as ‘rubbish’ is by no means flattering, and it is strongly recommended that an alternative approach is taken when ‘speed dating’ or if you get the chance to sit on a high bar stool if they ever bring back Blind Date.

Lastly, the favourite game in this household is Buckaroo or Cluedo, but we are always open to new suggestions. You state that here you are, you’re playing ‘’Daydreaming Fool’’ again, your favourite game. Can we get this at Toys R Us?

I look forward to hearing from you and hope that you do not consider this missive to be meaningless and ridiculous.




Hi Derek,

I have taken everything you have mentioned in your letter and taken it all in carefully and I reply with due care and attention to all sensitivities of course.

The song in question at no point is referring to the fact that "wasting one's time" with anyone or anything is rubbish. In fact contrary to your suggestion, it is proposing that many people like or indeed love wasting their time, such as fishermen for example, who spend hours and hours on a riverbank often without physical reward and do not require such for their enjoyment. The same could be said of meditators or yoga practitioners who appear to be only "wasting time" and potentially could appear to be having a "rubbish time" but I would argue strongly against this point of view, and I'm sure you would agree had you've ever done it, as this kind of wasting time can be very rewarding.

Finally, as for the line "I'm playing daydreaming fool again, my favourite game", ....given what I have just explained you can see how this would be far from "rubbish" should I be daydreaming of you.

"Is this available from Toys R Us?" you say. I'm almost certain it is and if not, it should be.

Should you find my grammar unsatisfactory, feel free to waste some time correcting it. Enjoy!!!

Best Wishes


Owen x.



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