Dear Plastic Bertrand

Re: Ca Plane Pour Moi

I regret to say, Mr Bertrand, that I am somewhat frustrated by my lack of skill at “francais” regarding the aforementioned composition. If my bilingual dictionary is to be trusted, this translates as “it flies (or “it is flying”) for me”. May I infer that you:


a) have a private or model aircraft?

b) can see a flag, imaginary or otherwise, raised in your honour?

c) are referring to “time”, in that it appears to be progressing rather rapidly?

d) have trained a bird (e.g. an owl) to perform tasks for your personal gain?

e) other (please state)


I would add that my wife, Olive, and I very much enjoy your artistic output, and consider the “B-side” of the above, entitled “Pogo Pogo”, a veritable “tour de force”.


I hope to hear from you “toute suite”.



Wilf Turnbull

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