Dear Praying Mantis

Any edifice, be it as little as a shed, requires a solid bedrock, typically the embedding into at least three feet or so of soil. A building of significant weight, however, will require very deep foundations, in order to transfer a load from the said erection through an upper weak layer of mud to a stronger deeper layer. There are different types of deep foundations including helical piles, impact driven piles, drilled shafts, caissons, piers, and earth stabilized columns, and the naming conventions vary between different engineers. Said piles are normally of steel, reinforced and pre-tensioned and/or reinforced concrete; the upper atmosphere and Boogie Woogie derivatives are most certainly not suitable platforms. Your boast, and indeed Starship's, of respectively enjoying visions of a ''city captured in the skies'' (replete with Monumental prison cells which, being part of an ensnared metropolis, are also ironically incarcerated) and building an entire one on rock and roll, is therefore utterly preposterous.

Your claim that I will experience a similar image simply by seeing your eyes is also debatable, unless of course you have perhaps had special contact lenses made up depicting said besieged airborne borough.

One sincerely hopes that you have not been burdened with ''Questions you can't answer''.



Derek Philpot (and Son)

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