Dear Re-Flex

I regret to inform you that your late 1982 soothsaying is not quite accurate.

Although, admittedly, MPs George Galloway, Boris Johnson, David Mellor and Ken Livingstone have all hosted popular shows on the radio, these have all been of a ''phone-in'' format on LBC, BBC London and Talksport, and no 'platters' were ever 'spun' (unlike, arguably, many of their collective biased propaganda practices).

The message that you ‘got’ on the airwaves that the politicians are now DJs is therefore probably dubiously sourced, and I am afraid that this is not simply a ''point of view''.

A message is however understood in that my son David clearly recalls a particularly raucous reveller being ejected from a recital given by thrash metal pop group Acid Reign at The London Hippodrome in 1989. Protesting, much to his disagreement, to the swollen-eyed security gentleman that hurling himself from the bass guitarist’s ‘monitor’ into the heaving ‘mosh pit’ and losing half a set of Converse trainers in the process was actually an act of expressive musical gyration, was indeed confirmation that two opposing parties with their own set of proposed laws and agendas pertaining to the rules could indeed be construed as ''The Politics of Dancing''.

Whilst not under pressure, we’re counting on you for a reasoned response to this missive




Derek Philpott

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