Dear Republica,

I am personally not a proponent of any theory supporting that a beholder may suffer a fatal collapse consequential of a third party’s perceived magnificence. Even were such a stunning impression inspired mortal fall be possible, both a flouting of the 70mph limit and prolific fibbing, possibly to an arrresting officer concerning a faulty speedometer, should under no circumstances warrant clemency on the grounds of a ‘perp’ being rather fetching.


Ergo, that an ex-boyfriend may lie and drive too fast yet be forgiven because he is drop dead gorgeous is completely unacceptable (''end of'').


Indeed, my son posits that if your handsome therefore unconvictable attitude persists, Justin Beiber’s crimes against the music business are set to continue well into 2023.


On a lighter note pertaining to backward words (he got ‘em), as a keen enthusiast of such puzzles, so have I! My favourites currently are park slipup (krap pupils), straw boy (warts yob), repaid gateman (diaper nametag) and reknits gals, of which I am not overly proud



Derek Philpott (and Son)





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