Dear Saxon,

It seems that you attribute the congregation of your ‘headbangers’ to a cotton twill textile/animal rawhide clothing combination.

I very much doubt that these two fabrics would have the organisational and administration skills required to successfully put together a live music event and put in place all necessary health and safety and fire precautions, let alone set up a booking hotline with the ability to take all major credit and debit cards. I fear that the only way that denim or leather could (singularly or in conjunction with one another) ‘set the spirit free’ would be if a jacket or bag caught an open bottle of vodka or similar as they were passing and knocked it over.

Furthermore, I must take issue with the suggestion that your Germanic tribe-monickered combo are waiting on the stage for our command. My son David recalls attending a number of your shows back in the 1980’s and at no point found you all standing about impatient for him to give you the nod to start your performance. On the contrary, there was at least one occasion where he turned up late due to public transport difficulties to find that you had already started without him.

I have to go now Saxon, as we are having a day trip to the seaside. Although keen to get to the beach however I will not ''run down to the front'' as the old legs are playing up a bit!





Derek Philpott



Dear Derek,

Oh. It's you again. It doesn't seem five minutes since you interrupted my consumption of a barm cake with your last missive.

Let us address your current concerns. As you know, us Yorkshire folk are renowned for our plain speaking, so gird tha loins!

I take issue with your assertion that Denim lacks the wherewithal to facilitate a gathering. I like to think of it on a par (not John) with tartan in this regard. I refer you to 'the gathering of the clans' .

A cursory investigation into its origins reveals that its name is derived from

To see Mr. Oliver's full spectacular response, watch this space for further details of the Unbound campaign for the Penguin-distributed book ''Dear Mr. Pop Star''




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