Dear Shakatak

I mistakenly happened upon your splendid ''jazz funk classic'' whilst typing too fast on youtube looking for Great Whites getting irate with cocksure tourists in cages under water on holiday


''It feels like the right time'' to observe that, unless of course ''Night Birds'' is a nocturnal airfreight or courier company specialising in delivering flowers and chocolates, ''with the love they bring'', to opidan areas, the operation in question is ''Easier Said Than Done''. One can find no record online of any post-sunset active species, not even the Eastern whip-poor-will, Caprimulgus, Australian owlet-nightjar, North Island brown kiwi (none of whch admittedly are ''Living in the UK''), or indeed a cuckoo on a late shift, being endowed with homing instincts, Shakatak.


Sadly therefore, unless a romantic message is attached to the legs of a common carrier pigeon not too fatigued to swoop down on the street way past its bedtime, and even then unable to kiss the day goodbye on account of being hampered by the possession of a beak, we fear the concept of your chill out anthem to be somewhat ''out of this world''




The Philpotts




Dear The Philpotts


Thank you for your interest in our jazz funk combo. The mere fact you were searching for Great Whites leads me to think there is a whiff of white supremacy afloat? I do hope I am wrong and that I am having a ''Manic & Cool'' moment and of course, I need to remind you we are a multicultural unit. I feel, given your wild life rantings, you need to look at life a little differently and assess things ''Day by Day''. I hope that upon stumbling upon our brand of music, you will be educated in appreciating good legendary British Jazz Funk as opposed to surfing for innocent wild sea life ripping the shite out of gormless caged divers.

Please don't let my abrasive reply phase you; we really would love you to come to one of our concerts in the near future as our personal guest. Just contact us at and ask for a Mr Mark King.


Kindest Regards



Jill (Shakatak)



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