Dear Sparks

Re: Number One In Heaven

Although I was heartened via your 'electronic' song to learn that there is a hit parade or 'download chart' in the hereafter for good people, I am perplexed regarding your knowledge of such a grading system (based upon gross unit sales), given that you are both still alive.

If you have perhaps learnt of said celestial pop league table by way of a 'ouija board', a visit to a 'medium', or a near death experience such as those featured on a recent Channel 5 documentary where a torch was shone at a camera, then you are to be commended for bringing it to the attention of all mortal humans by way of our own earth bound version. I can only hope that your parapsychological forays did not reveal your pianist to be a direct descendent of the German dictator that he seems to most disturbingly resemble.

I await your clarification on these matters and in the meantime wish you well in your ongoing career.


Wilf Turnbull

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