Dear The Belle Stars

I understand that for those born on or before 5 May 1953, a tax free ‘Winter Fuel Payment’ of between £100 and £300 tax-free is available.


The very fact that two mothers mothers are huddled around the same depleting source of a kindling so feeble that by dint of their chill-inspired desperation they are attempting to fuel it via the flimsy timber pole and non-flammable oblong cloth symbolisation of a nation or country is surely evidential that this Government’s paltry concession does litttle to keep pace with soaring energy costs

It is therefore a blatant sign of the times, piece of more to come, that your grandma and my grandma (not literally mine - we lost June in 1967 and Avril soon after) are sitting by the fire setting fire to flags, as opposed to warming snugly courtesy of Eco (eco!) heating alternatives, in respect of which I am NOT talking ‘about hay now hay now’


Well done for bringing this to our attention, The Belle Stars!




Derek Philpott (and Son)



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