Dear The Bluebells,

I seem to remember watching a very harrowing documentary some years ago featuring, as the antithesis to the ''What you talking about Willis'' chap from Different Strokes, a poor fellow who was degenerating into being far mored aged than he actually was. It was called ''The Stones In Morocco'', and, very much like one of the central characters of your youthful blood pump classic, sadly he did appear old before his time.

On many occasions when ''all he wanted to do when he was old was to walk out the door'' the unfortunate guitar player could not even make it off of the sofa.

Also, to the best of one’s knowledge, to experience feelings of strong romantic affection towards another it is not an arrestable offence, and the avoidance of prison should most certainly not ever be the sole grounds for a wedding or civil partnership.

Overall, I find your fiddle-backed claim that they married young because love at last was their only crime to be most befuddling. It should be added however that you are not alone in your ''love offence'' confusion, given that Bananarama seem to be under the misapprension that they are also accused of it, in the first degree.

I look forward to your response to this missive and trust that you will not be tempted to tell us tales and tell us lies.




Derek Philpott (and son)



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