Dear Mr. Priestman


Re: Hooverville by The Christians

Thank you for enlightening me. Intrigued by your ''80's pop/soul classic''' and fully expecting it to be located on the A40 between Greenford and Park Royal, I was instead surprised to find ''Hooverville'' to be a slang term for a 1930s shanty town.

That this description, together with ''Forgotten Town'', also, arguably, fairly accurately describes said Ealing backwater (hardly a ''city of hope'' if last time I drove through it to avoid an incident on Hanger Lane is anything to go by) is an irony not lost on your humble correspondent.

One wonders if a smaller enclave would be known as ''HooverJuniorville''.

Thank you for ''cleaning this up for me'', Mr. Priestman.


Derek Philpott



Dear Dezza....


Well, my name IS "Henry" [makers of fine vacuum cleaners, Ed]....


You make a few "Hot-Points" but, as an ''upright'' citizen, I don't want to push my "Electro-Luck" and adopt a "(Dust) Devil" may care attitude, as I may be ''Dyson'' with death if I respond further.


Do you "Zanu-See" my predicament?....


I'm "Ew-bank"-ing on the fact that you do.


Best wishes



Henry Priestman


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