Dear The Knack

Re: My Sharona

We too have a female mechanic, named Joanne, who, whilst not an unattractive lady of the younger kind, I would certainly not address as ''my little pretty one'' as I personally find overfamiliarity within business relationships to be rather inappropriate.

When I telephone, her Tyre & Auto Centre will often ''give me some time'' at short notice to attend to all manner of repairs to my Nissan Juke, and I ''always get it up'' to the garage as quickly as possible after ''coming off o' the line'', by way of thanks.

Just last week the dexterous specialist did make my motor run (my motor run) again by way of replacing a dodgy fuel pump, assuring me that it was ''never gonna stop, give it up'' for at least 100,000 miles. I find her to be very trustworthy, often close enough to look in my eyes and vice versa for me to detect possible falsehoods, and, unlike some unscrupulous technicians, she is always upront, fully explaining the nature of a fault and never ''keeping it a mystery'' in order that I may be charged multiple times for the same malfunction. Said honesty, although arguably interpretative as a ''gift to me'', is actually a sign of professionalism, ensuring that it is not ''just a matter of time'' before I seek an alternative vehicularly tradeswoman.

Sadly, in your case, The Knack, I fear that you may be being taken for a ride and are best advised to transfer your custom to Carstar.





Derek Philpott



Dear Mr. Philpott:

Greetings from sunny California, where we are no strangers to cars, or car songs, for that matter. On that note, perhaps I could clear up a misconception or two. I deduce from your quaint spelling of "tire" that you hail from the British Isles, or maybe the Marsupial Empire? In either case, it's possible that certain salient points of our song have been lost in the translation.


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Yours in the Spirit of Hands Across The Water,

Berton Averre,




proud lead guitarist of The Knack and co-writer of "My Sharona".


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