Dear The Nashville Teens

I was outraged to learn from a repeat of Shindig that you were born in a trunk and left to die after your mama died and your daddy got drunk, and was wondering if you have pursued the matter through social services since, on the grounds of parental neglect.

Initially pursuing the line of the enquiry that persons fitting their description, together with your leather crib, were last identified in The House of The Rising Sun, I was then steered by yourselves towards their last known whereabouts, Tobacco Road. Using ''Google, I'' first attempted to locate the crushed leaf highway in Old Holborn, Pall Mall, and then near the beaches of the Mid Atlantic regions of the United States, ie. Golden Virginia, and finally Drum, County Monaghan, all sadly to no avail.

I am sorry that I have not been of much assistance in this matter, The Nashville Teens, but must posit that perhaps "You Shouldn't Have Been So Nice" in failing to pursue your surviving alcoholic parent and should "Tell The People" in authority all that may be required to bring him to justice.


You may actually ''Like It Like That".


I remain,



Derek Philpott (& Son)



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