Dear The Quireboys

Re: Hey You


Whilst empathetic to your estrangement from bashful Jennifer, one finds it rather harsh that the timid two-timer should be branded as such (caught out, no word of a lie) when the occasion(s) on which she has been espied walking with another guy have not been clarified as prior to or post her ''don’t want you'' proclamation which by your admission, ''that’s alright''; is completely acceptable.

If the coy concubine is coy on the basis that her infidelitous stroll has occurred whilst you were still ‘an item’, then it is to be agreed that a fool has been made of you behind your back. If however the demure ex-dearest promenade has been undergone merely a day after your reasoned ''no time to fight'' relationship-conclusion truce, then that the introverted former other half did you wrong can only be interpreted as bitter sweet twistedness on your own part.

Further it is highly likely that shy Jennifer can stand by her man like the other girls can if once upon an initial ramble they are required to stop at traffic lights or at a pelican crossing.


I look forward to your response preferably to be penned before 7 O’clock,at which time I am informed you are expected at a party




Derek Philpott

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