Dear The Rezillos

Given that it ran for 2,204 episodes and the studio capacity including artists, production crew, presenters and audience was no more that 200, at best, and not allowing for the same people being there more than once, a maximum of 440.800 have been on Top of The Pops. I am sorry The Rezillos, but by no means can such a figure qualify as ‘’everybody’’.





Derek Philpott



Dear Mr. Philpott


You make a fair case, Derek. However, given that our molecules are constantly replenishing themselves from the environment and every breath we take (© Sting) contains a fair amount of molecules of Jesus' poo, we must stand by our claim on the basis of the long standing philosophical view of what constitutes the person, coupled with the particularly topical understanding of space time, that everybody is, was and in fact always will be, on Top Of The Pops.


Should you wish to follow this up by questioning the possibility that there are 20,000 Rezillos Under The Sea, we'll be happy to show you where they live, in a remote part of the Aegean, just east of Atlantis.





The Rezillos



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