Dear The Strawbs,

My friend Duckie Walker (so named after his overfondness for sandwiches) used to be a Shop Steward and assures me that Union membership only applies to employees during their tenure. Therefore, unless he is mis-informed, if death occurs prior to retirement I fear that you are mistaken


Of course, it can be argued that certain Unions, such as The Musician's Union and arguably Gary Puckett's old band, do not have a cut-off age. Also, at this rate, regardless of one's political persuasions, it is indeed highly likely that you will remain part of the European Union 'til the day you die ('til the day you day), as it would appear, unless you ''can ruin the Government's plan'' that it has enough excuses to stall triggering Article 50 long into the 23rd Century.

Finally, unless you are a desk clerk or detective sergeant, I fail to see how the Headquarters of the Metropolitan Police would at all be bothered if you strike for higher pay. One can only assume that ''the company stinks'' is a reference to all manual labourers engaged in a particularly smelly Celtic garden clearance, when you show your card to the Scotland Yard.

I look forward to hearing from you if, related to any of the points outlined, ''I don't get you'' or have not ''read between the lines''




D. Philpott



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