Dear Go West,

I am afraid that your devil may care attitude towards Health and Safety, together with a bizarre ''outlook'' on viewing billiards and going to the pictures leave much to be desired, my sideways travel instructing friends.

You state in your jaunty hit that an unnamed young female should not look down given that she knows she is holding aces. ''Call me'' a draconian fuddy duddy, but surely the awareness of possession of a particularly strong selection of playing cards does not negate one from protecting oneself against a potentially lethal fall into a crevice or over the edge of a cliff? That elsewhere in the hit parade, by proxy, you advocate the closing of one’s eyes in various inadvisable circumstances such as walking ''on'' water, burning and talking to strangers, arguably only exacerbates the likelihood that the pre-occupied wretch may, via said precipitous plunging, ''Go South''.

Aside from visionless sea strolls and the like, my wife Jean and I find it most strange that you should opt for voluntarily blindness to ''see'' the final frame, or indeed how observatory perception can still be achieved through lids. We too closed our eyes to see two final frames recently, and crucially missed both Kyren Wilson's narrow victory over Judd Trump in the Shanghai Masters and Michael Jackson’s eyes going greeny yellow to show that he was one of the monsters all along. Luckily, like your good selves, we have ''Rewind'.'

I hope that we may eventually see ''Eye To Eye'' on these matters, Go West, but ''I Want To Hear It From You'' as soon as possible, although suspect that this may be just wishful thinking, in which case I'll get over you. I know I will.



Derek Philpott





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